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Background & Brief

The founders of Angolo Toscano are a small group of friends living in the countryside around the beautiful city of Siena in Tuscany. Over the years they have developed a huge respect for the care, passion and hard work that the small artisanal producers of the finest foods and wines in Italy put into their work. Their aim is to share with their experience and to bring to your homes the products and sensations that otherwise you could only experience by visiting this most remarkable part of the world. As a new start-up Angolo Toscano asked Click Digital Growth to build them an ecommerce website for their Italian food business, sell their products on the likes of Amazon & eBay and implement a digital growth strategy to build their web presence and sales.


The Website

Angolo Toscano's website was designed to wet the appetite from the off! With the use of large imagery and a concise navigation with clear categories, customers are able to navigate through the website effectively. The website has been optimised for mobile devices for those browsing and ordering on the go, and we have implemented a huge amount of content around different suppliers and their history, to provide customers with the artisan experience and history of the produce that can't be replicated with supermarket goods. The website aims to build upon the quality of the products with detailed descriptions and recommendations for recipes and meals.


Ongoing Digital Growth Work


We developed a digital growth strategy for Angolo Toscano to ensure there is enough targeted content to create long-term organic SEO growth, as well as implementing strategies for short-term sales. We have been working with Angolo Toscano on the following:

  • Content strategy that focuses on blog and new page creation for recipes, suppliers, vegetarian & vegan options, menu ideas and lots more, to aid a long-term SEO campaign.
  • A dynamic retargeting advert campagin that targeted visitors who left the website or abandoned the checkout with precise product adverts to convert them into customers.
  • Site testing and optimisation that ensures the ecommerce user experience is the best it can be to maximise the likelihood of customer's purchasing.



    Click Digital Growth has been a perfect partner in building our online sales presence. A combination of in-depth knowledge, organisation, flexibility and attention to detail have made working with them a pleasureable and productive experience.
    — Russell Thomas, Cofounder & Director at Angolo Toscano

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