Background & Brief

The Baked Tile Company were setup by a team of interior designers, who wanted to supply a tile range that injected unmistakable personality into all manner of design schemes. Their request was to have an ecommerce website that represented this design flair; one that was easy for customers to navigate, but was on-brand, image led and had a fun and enjoyable look and feel that pushed customers' creative side and vision for their home. In addition, they wanted to push social media, to both potential customers and other interior designers, using fabulous room imagery to inspire and engage them to share the designs.


The Website

Baked Tiles' ecommerce website was designed to be a continuation of the brochure and showroom, showcasing fantastic imagery and inspirational tile ranges for customers to discover. Buying tiles can be an expensive and research-heavy activity, and it can take a number of months to go from research to purchase. The Baked Tiles website allows customers to explore and find tile ranges that match their requirements, whether they are looking for tiles by a room or style basis, the navigation is intuitive and simple. It was imperative the website worked well on mobile, given much research in the modern day takes place on mobile devices. Lastly, the website had to provide the customer with an easy way to order sample tiles, again given that this is a necessity within the industry to see and feel before you buy.

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Our continual work since we started working with Baked Tiles in 2015 has really paid off. Baked Tiles saw a dramatic increase in sales during 2016 with an increased transaction rate of, wait for it, 1300%. Our user orientated design has dramatically improved sales, making it easier for customers to find the right product whilst maintaining Baked Tiles' brand personality and story. Additionally, the content strategy we implemented over the first 18 months set the foundation for significant increases in organic site traffic:



Since October 2015 Click Digital Growth has helped Baked Tiles:

  • Develop a content strategy that has led to consistent increases in organic SEO traffic.

  • Ongoing conversion rate optimisation, ensuring the website provides the best user experience.

  • Set up social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest to increase brand awareness.

  • Redesign the initial website based on user data.


INCREASE IN Transactions

INCREASE IN Organic Traffic





+5000% (yes, really)



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