Background & Brief

Deliver Me are a brand new company who wanted to disrupt the food delivery market and offer a courier service to deliver all the favourite restaurant foods. 


The Website


Click Digital Growth had a brand new restaurant delivery ecommerce website setup for Deliver Me in under 4 weeks. Customers have the ability to view a menu for a large number of restaurants across South Wales, and order their food directly through the website for home delivery within an hour. With mobile so dominant in this industry, the website has been designed for simplicity and ease of use for customers to order & pay for food easily and efficiently.


PC IPAD IPHONE - Deliver Me.png


Since Deliver Me was launched, we have optimised the site based on how customers were using it to huge success. We have created sustainable visit increases and sales over the last 3 months due to our online marketing efforts.


Since December 2017 Click Digital Growth has helped Deliver Me:

  • Create a custom Shopify theme for their unique offering

  • Optimise the website for conversion rates based on user experience & data

  • Grow their website visits and organic listings

  • Setup and grow their email list to over 3,000 in 12 months

  • Develop customised Facebook messenger campaigns

  • Provide ongoing support and addition of new restaurant menus


Average Monthly website visitors

Average Monthly conversion rate



Average Monthly revenue

Average Monthly ORDERS




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