Take advantage of millions of customers already!

Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay already have huge traffic volumes to their respective websites each day, and when we say huge, we mean millions and millions. They have both built up a brand whereby customers will search for products not only on Google, but within Amazon & eBay's search engines. It is important therefore, to ensure your product has the chance of being in front of a potential customer whenever they are searching.

We can take advantage of channels such as Amazon & eBay with ongoing management. This involves setting up product listings, creating custom HTML where we can to maintain brand consistency, even on Amazon & eBay, regular optimisation, keyword research, reporting and structuring advertising campaigns to increase the product exposure.

Our client's have had great success on marketplace channels, significantly increasing their monthly turnover since we came on board and optimised their listings. Marketplaces are a channel many can ill-afford to miss out on, given the millions that visit the websites each day. Let us help ensure your product gets shown in front of those millions of customers!


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How we implement marketplaces:



  • identify keyword opportunities

  • custom html design

  • Dynamic copy and content

  • brand consistency

  • ongoing optimisation

  • advertising campaigns

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