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Have you purchased a Shopify theme that you want help with to make it work for your business?

Shopify themes are a great way to start a new website for your business, but they are not always setup or optimised for the best user experience and conversion rates. Most business owners who use themes have to settle for these issues, as they do not have the experience to change them, despite it being integral to the success of your business online.

If you do not have the skillset that a website designer, a user experience designer or a website developer has, it is difficult to make a Shopify theme fantastic and a sales-machine.

What the existing Shopify theme website includes:

  • We will install & setup a Shopify theme that you have chosen to work for your business.

  • We will then bring that theme to life with on-brand logos, colours and fonts.

  • We will create a layout and user experience that suits your brand, products and customers.

  • We will create on-brand banner designs, imagery, icon sets and any additional content we feel is necessary to convert visitors into customers.

  • We will ensure the website is optimised for conversions.

  • We will install integral apps from the Shopify store that we know will improve the functionality of your website.

  • We will ensure your website is technically-sound and optimised for SEO.

We’ve helped dozens of Shopify businesses scale their websites identified through the steps above. Here are a few select examples:

  1. Karibu Watches

  2. Tomos Watkin Beers

  3. Baked Tiles


Custom shopify website

From £7495

How can you avoid using off-the-shelf themes or cheap website designers who use the same templates?

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of off-the-shelf themes or cheap website designers using the same templates, then we can take of the whole process. From website wireframes, design and development, all the way to managing your ecommerce platform and marketing, we can match your brand vision and goals.

We can launch your website faster and better than if you or your team were to do it. We have the experience and the skillset to launch a professional ecommerce website.

What the custom Shopify website includes:

  • We will set you up on Shopify and research and identify the right theme for your store and brand.

  • We will setup a fully functioning ecommerce store.

  • We will create the correct category structure and navigation.

  • We will add all your products into Shopify and test various product page designs.

  • We will then customise your website with on-brand banner designs, imagery, icon sets and any additional content we feel is necessary to convert visitors into customers.

  • We will ensure the website is optimised for conversions through user testing.

  • We will identify Shopify apps that will work with your website setup and goals.

  • We will ensure your website is technically-sound and optimised for SEO.

We will then work with you to grow your ecommerce website for the next 6 months. We will help you understand who is coming to your website, what they are doing there and continually optimise to increase your sales & revenue. Here are a few select examples:

  1. Melora Manuka Honey

  2. Nosh Detox

  3. Deliver Me

SEO & Conversion Rate Audits


FROM £2995

Are you fed up with constant phonecall promises about being the Number 1 on Google?

Our Shopify SEO audit will give you the clarity you need to reveal problems and offer actionable solutions for improvement. Shopify has a very good foundation to help your store be SEO optimised. But if you are unsure of how Shopify websites are setup to perform for SEO, it will make sense to have a Shopify-speicific SEO audit completed.

What you will get from our SEO Audit:

  • A written review of your Shopify store identifying key areas of concern, written in a non-technical and logical manner.

  • We will prioritise the most impact SEO changes that will help your website the most.

  • We will implement changes to your online store and Google to ensure a successful on-going SEO strategy.

We write our SEO audits from hand – ensuring you understand each key point in the Audit and how we can implement changes or strategies to improve sales & revenues over the long-term.


conversion rate audit

FROM £1995

Why would you spend double your marketing when you can get double the revenue from changing your website?

Conversion is at the heart of every marketing campaign. Yet companies continue to spend tens of thousands of pounds on getting traffic to unengaging, low-converting websites. Compeititon is fierce. Your potential customers have many options to choose from when deciding who to buy from. To break through this barrier, you must ensure every touchpoint on your website helps your visitor and their buying journey. This is by no means an easy feat. Otherwise, most websites would report 20% or 30% conversion rates. This service will help grow your revenue and increase engagament.

What you will get from our Conversion Rate Audit:

  • A review of your Shopify online store from a user experience perspective.

  • Identification of barriers to purchase including the checkout process.

  • A written overview of the changes you can make to improve the conversion rate on your website.

If you are looking to achieve significant growth without increasing your current advertising or marketing costs, a conversion rate audit is an ideal solution.

Ongoing Ecommerce Growth

ecommerce retainer

From £2500 / month

Are you wasting money on misguided efforts?

In ecommerce you risk being overtaken by competitors if you don’t know what to do or when to do it. Our ongoing ecommerce growth retainer allows you to pass your online activity over to us. We will proactively develop a customised online short-term and long-term strategy, and work with you to grow your website and fulfil your online potential.

What you will get from our ecommerce retainer:

  • Detailed short-term and long-term strategy based on your business goals and our initial research.

  • Ongoing conversion rate analysis of your website to ensure it is optimised regularly based on user data.

  • Regular SEO audits to ensure your website is performing to Google & Bing’s ever-changing wishlist.

  • Identification of opportunities to grow your business online - see a list of the services we cover here.

  • Monthly reports documenting pre-agreed KPI data.

Most ecommerce retainers come off the back of our custom shopify website setup. When we have been able to design and develop an optimised website for you, it makes the ongoing ecommerce retainer much more efficient and successful. However, we are very careful with who we work with and want to ensure we meet all of our client’s expectations.

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