Effective advertising to bring customers back!

98% of visitors to your web site leave without converting. Facebook and web retargeting can bring those customers back and convert them into sales. So how does it work?

On a very basic level, every time the potential customer of your site sees the retargeted advert, this will remind them of their former desire to purchase and possibly steer them back. Customers may leave your website without purchasing for any number of reasons, they may even have been about to pay for products but something put them off: hidden delivery costs, excessive security checks, bad user experience and so forth.  In these cases chances are you won’t get that customer back until you improve the functionality of your site. However if it was a simple matter of an outside distraction, a temporary website crash or a last minute check of the bank balance, then it’s always worth using online advertising to retarget these customers.

Retargeting also helps to create brand awareness and traction through repeated exposure. Click Digital Growth can provide both web and Facebook retargeting, that has transparent costs, linked directly to your analytics so you can see the true return on investment of your advertising.


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How we implement online advertising:



  • personalised product adverts

  • social & web targeting

  • transparent costs

  • linked to analytics & sales

  • manageable budgets

  • branded adverts

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