If it doesn’t give you a return, it doesn’t make sense!

Any business will worry that it cannot compete with larger companies. We can ensure that your Pay-Per-Click account is well structured and keyword optimised to achieve higher paid rankings at lower costs. Our in-house pay per click (PPC) team is experienced in building, managing and optimising paid search marketing campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook. Our approach to PPC marketing is rooted firmly in data and understanding your organisational goals, and translating them into effective paid search campaigns.

We approach each client account with an open-mind in order to find the best solutions to the challenges they present. Your business objectives go a long way to dictating a pay per click strategy. From awareness campaigns that focus on reaching the widest audience possible, to Return on Investment (ROI)-driven eCommerce accounts where success is quantified by the cost-per-acquisition (CPA), of a converted click, our agreed upon goals will play a significant role in shaping the day-to-day management of your account.

It’s worth remembering that PPC, like any form of advertising, is only going to work if you do it well. In many cases, by structuring the account properly, and adhering to Google's best practices, your adverts can appear higher than many large retailers. Our PPC experts know precisely how to do that.


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How we implement pay per click:



  • Analyse and setup

  • core keyword focus & research

  • multiple campaign setup

  • engaging advert copy

  • landing page recommendations

  • ongoing refinement

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