A fast, relevant, self-learning search engine for your website

We have teamed up with Sooqr - a site search engine for ecommerce stores. As soon as visitors type in the first letter of their search term, the best results are already displayed. Blazing fast and no reloading of pages. If any spelling errors should occur, the spelling corrector will ensure that the search takes place using the right term. 'Ifoon’ will be corrected to ‘iPhone’ and ‘Balkberrie’ to ‘Blackberry’ without having to do anything. Based on a combination of queries and clicks Sooqr Search will determine what products are more relevant. So in time your search will become even better. 


See site search in action


How we implement site search:

  • work with sooqr partner

  • shopify integration

  • testing & design

  • setup automated xml feed

  • analytics logins

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