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With many social channels to plan and maintain, keeping a regular content stream that is relevant and engaging to your customers is imperative. Stale channels result in stale sales. If you’re failing to get the rewards you expect from social media marketing, the chances are your strategy is wrong. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll develop a bespoke social strategy for your brand.

Most businesses are aware that social media marketing can't be ignored, but what they may not be aware of is its influence in SEO results. Social media is becoming an integral part of an SEO ecommerce strategy, with Google recognising the significance of the various social media platforms, acknowledging that they serve as a real and credible marketing avenue. Regular interaction on social media will now contribute significantly to where you are placed in search engine results.

Social media on its own is a powerful tool to you and for your customers. It enables you to communicate and interact with followers, through imagery and content; gauging social channels, adding value with relevant content and giving your brand a creative, friendly & trustoworthy voice.


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How we implement social media marketing:



  • identify strategy

  • full detailed account creation

  • professional imagery

  • relevant & engaging content

  • page promotion& advertising

  • mass audience targeting

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