Background & Brief

Taylors Etc is a destination store for everyone designing a home. They pull together some of the most exciting and inspirational interior design products available coupled with award winning interior and bathroom design services. The team is made up of qualified interior designers including Lesley Taylor; a TV and publication interior designer columnist.


The Website

Taylors Etc. has had an online presence for a number of years, but nothing reflected the quality and professionalism of the company. Usually a website has 1 goal, but Taylor's has 3; to sell it's range of quality interior furnishings online, to promote awareness of their award winning design services and to increase footfall into their Cardiff showroom. The user experience of the website lends itself to all 3, with clear call to actions to either the online shop or the design services, and a video of the showroom behind showcasing Taylors Etc.


Ongoing Digital Growth Work



One of the key areas of digital growth for Taylors Etc. is content. In order to sustainably grow traffic we devised a content strategy to build on the new website design and engage customers with informative blog posts and new landing pages. By creating regular, unique content we are showing Google that we are continually working to engage with our customers, producing useful, helpful advice.