Background & Brief

Tomos Watkin is brewed with pride and passion in South Wales, their award-winning beers aren't called The Great Ales of Wales for nothing. Tomos Watkion wanted a new eCommerce website that was simple to use and on-brand throughout. Their aim is for customers across the UK to be able to sample and drink Tomos Watkin beers through an easy eCommerce experience.

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The Website

Tomos Watkin’s old website had a seperate section for craft beers, the shop element and the information pages, making the brand inconsistent. Tomos Watkin requested a new eCommerce website where all these elements were in a simple website interface, on-brand and easy to order your favourite beers, or explore new beers. In addition, we added features such as Booking a Brewery Tour and selecting Pic ‘n’ Mix beer gift packs.

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Since Tomos Watkin was launched, we have added various functionality based on customer requests to increase the brand & shopping experience. We have sustainably increased product sales across digital channels and developed a content strategy to develop long-term SEO gains.


Since July 2018 Click Digital Growth has helped Tomos Watkin:

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  • Provide a complete overhaul of their digital strategy

  • Design & develop a consistent and on-brand ecommerce website

  • Add website functionalities such as Pick ‘n’ Mix gift packs, a beer subsription service and brewery tour booking forms.

  • Grow their email list for marketing

  • Increase brand awareness by selling Tomos Watkin products on eBay


We have designed a listing template in-line with the Tomos Watkin website branding for all product listings on eBay. We indetified the eBay channel as a way to increase brand exposure, whilst also opening a new sales channel.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Click Digital Growth are helpful, brimming with good ideas and work quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.
— Becky, Marketing Manager, Tomos Watkin

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